Paris En Crue

paris flood by jwang

The weeks of gray skies, intermittent rain, and cool temperatures have brought out the true homebody in me (also the coffee-chugging Seattleite) and it was only yesterday that I ventured out for the first time to see the higher-than-usual Seine River.  While other riverside towns in Ile-de-France have experienced severe flooding and evacuations, in Paris, there was the abnormally high water level, which obscured the low-lying quays and walkways and halted all boat traffic.  What I found interesting was that the river was a spectacle in itself, a magnet for onlookers and other photographers.  And no wonder:  Even if most Parisians live and spend most of their time far from the Seine, it continues to comprise the heart of the city.  So much history lies here and so much of what makes Paris Paris.  

Despite the less-than-ideal lighting (grayer than gray!) I wanted to take some pictures to illustrate this small moment in Parisian history, June 3, 2016, when the Seine reached its peak height of 6.1 meters, its highest since 1955 (7.1 m).  

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